Who We Are


Our Purpose

We exist to bring glory to God and to be an extension of His transforming grace to the people of our region and beyond

Our Mission


because people are lost without Christ


because God's love brings healing and wholeness to our broken lives


because God has uniquely gifted each of us and has a specific purpose for us all


because God desires to use people to accomplish His plans on Earth

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Our Core Values

Relevant Biblical Truth

We believe that the Word of God is relevant to every area of our lives.


We believe that prayer reveals the heart and mind of God and gives eternal significance to everything we do.

Fullness of the Holy Spirit

We believe the Holy Spirit has been given to the church to empower it to effectively accomplish God’s purposes.


We believe that through unity we can accomplish great things for God.

Lost People

We believe that we have been given a mandate by God to love and reach lost people here and around the world.

The New Generation

We believe ministry to children, youth, young adults and young families must be a high priority.

Spiritual Growth

We believe that we have been called to grow in Christ.


We believe that we have been called to be a healthy, functional family with loving and nurturing relationships.

Ministry Preparation

We believe that we have been called to be a launching pad for people into ministry.

Community Service

We believe that we have been called to compassionately serve our community.